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"satnrose is a well-known antiquarian bookseller.  He has been published in a number of magazines in the past, but
since his reincarnation as 'satnrose' last year, he has been published in
Evergreen Review, Iconoclast, Counterexample
Poetics, Danse Macabre
and more.
To Hear the Lions Roar   

I got to the city hungrier than I’ve ever known with no meat on me I
said I was a sinner but no one would even cast the first stone the big
police were no help but at least they didn’t smash my head in someone
was dying in the apartments but there was not a single thing I could do
except walk away someone was being born and the same and the wind
picked up and blew into a gale so I would have been glad to be in a cell
safe and warm thanking someone for breakfast but all my old highways
were broken my eyes full of sand I chose my own fate and that perhaps
was a mistake but in was in my hands now and I had to begin to try to
make something of it instead of taking to my heels running through the
labyrinth streets and finally through the park and found the cages and I
thought I was free but the laugh was on me so no rescue but a solitary
chance to somehow become what I wanted to be and so I waited there
for hours to hear the lions roar and came back the next day and the next
and the next for years and years and years until finally finally it worked
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