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Tom Sterner
Tom {WordWulf} Sterner, lives in Redding, California and Arvada, Colorado. He has been published in magazines and on the
internet, include
Howling Dog Press/Omega, Skyline Literary Review, The Storyteller, and Flashquake. He is the winner of the
Marija Cerjak Award for Avant-Garde/Experimental Writing and was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 2006 and 2008. He
edited the English translation of Hameed Al-Qaed's
'Noise of Whisper', edited and wrote the foreword for the Arabic to English
translation of the poets of Bahrain,
'Pearl, Dreams of Shell' published in 2007. Published work includes two novels, Madman
Chronicles: The Warrior
and Momma's Rain. He is online at
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Perfect Reflections
What moon is to sun
are grandsons to grandfathers
dawns, dusks, all between

Today we might be
more than we were yesterday
someday soon ever

Senses/A Drifting
To move away from
everything that's anything
become something more

Maggots & Bacon
If flies were chickens
I wouldn't eat them, their eggs
if chickens were flies

Human Contagion
Out there in the yard
the sewer belches stagnant
fumes, we breathe easy

Eave of Destruction
Gutter sleeting rain
don't you running water me
icicle my eyes
Blossoming Lanterns
In the falling rain
parasols sprinkle the crowd
polka-dot fusion

Axles Between Wheels
Life is a sharing
experience of shadow
shafts of light between

Parasitic Grace
There's something crawling
across my skin, I cannot
see it going in

Artist On Display
He wants a window
a place from which to watch them
as they study him

Graven Images
The body craves sex
while minds crave conversation
and souls crave the touch

The Frame/Ah, the Flame
Children are pieces
of a wonderful puzzle
the sides and corners