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Helen R. Peterson  
Helen R. Peterson is the managing editor of Chopper Poetry Journal out of New London, CT. Currently she has work in Girls
With Insurance, Moronic Ox, Maintenant Quatre
, and will have work in the upcoming issues of Southword Journal, Bull Spec,
Foundling Review, Literary Tonic, The View From Here
, and poeticdiversity. Her work was also featured in The Work Book, an
anthology put out by Poet Plant Press in 2007. She just got an email today that she might be out of work very soon, so
appreciates you reading her work, and would like a dollar now please.
When Even The Neighbor's Cat Feels Sorry For Me

I listen to "The Fool on the Hill"
To forget that I am the loser in the duplex
scrubbing enchilada crumbs
out of the corners of the pan
my hands wrinkling with the effort
getting younger is not in the cards
at this point illusions swirl
down the drain white with flour tortilla
salsa sunspots dancing in the light
cast by a tired afternoon reflection.
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