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Volume Three - Issue Three - Winter 2010
Short Shorts

Superwoman – Bill West
Bereft but with Options – Wendy Thornton
What She Hears – Marjorie Maddox
The Pea-Coat – Magen Toole
Piers of Prague – Jake David
The Set – George Sparling


The Curve —Bryan Smith
Babushka's Potatoes – Danyael Halprin
Graceland University – Eva Gordon
Astray – Jaime A. Heidel
Conversations about the Weather – Jessi Lee Gaylord
Seattle, First Year Attorney at Law – Megan Starks
Communion – Melissa Chadburn
Inside your Head – Nick Hinton
To Catch a Hummingbird – Paul Medus
Happy Twenty-Ten – Robin Merrill
No More Butterflies – S.J. Webb
Soul Ache – Tim Millas
I do belong there – SR Mishler
Spun – Abbie Bergdale
And We Tilled the Light – Ross Barkan
Last Chance – Diane Kimbrell
An die Freude – Natalie Jacobs
Shelling's Equation – Cameron Mount

Long Shorts

Waterproof – Kristi Peterson Schoonover


Wayward on the Rock – Dave Migman
Tugging on the Rope – Julie Strasser
Grounded – Diane Hoover Bechtler         
The Electric Blanket – Phibby Venable
Residuals – Timothy L. Marsh
The Swinger – Susan White
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