Jim Fuess has had hundreds of group shows and over 40 solo shows over his 32 year artistic
career. He is known for his vividly colored abstract paintings. He works with liquid acrylic paint on
canvas. Most of his work is abstract, but there are recognizable forms and faces in a number of
the paintings. He is striving for grace and fluidity, movement and balance. He likes color and
believes that beauty can be an artistic goal. There is whimsy, fear, energy, movement, fun and
dread in his paintings. A lot of his work is anthropomorphic. The shapes seem familiar. The
faces are real. The gestures and movements recognizable. More of his work may be seen at
Jim Fuess
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Underwater Things
Abstract Painting #104
Underwater Fire #3
Underwater Fire #2
Underwater Fire #1
Blue & White Abstract #12
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