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Vagabondage Press
New Directions in Art & Literature
Volume One - Issue One - June 2008
Letter from the Editor - June 2008

Short Shorts

The Music of Affairs -
by Nathalie Boisard-Beudin

Short Stories

Hurricane Katrina - by Louise Beech

Unpredictable - by Bryan R. Dennis

Dual Control - by T.J. Cruz

This Never Happened, Too -
                by Leslie Braley

The Breakwater - by Chris Miller

Recognition is an Open Door* -
                   by J.P. Devlin

Visual Poetry

Earthwalk - by Nat Hall

Jack Horner -
by Diana Magallon and Jeff Crouch
Musical Guest

Lyrics - by Adam Ficek


Poetry - by Stefanie Maclin

Reunion - by Lucinda Tang

celibate - by Peter Schwartz

it is the sun - by David McLean


Jim Fuess

Kelly Haigh

Dario Molinaro

Jenn Alexandra Anderson


100 Reasons I Want to Go to Afghanistan -
                       by Vivian Wagner
*indicates adult content
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