Nat Hall is a Shetland-based poet & visual artist, educated on French & British shores. She post-graduated in
Oxford and first taught in England. Yet her nomadic soul led her to Scotland, where she lives on 60N. An
active member of Lerwick and Westside Groups, she recently joined the Poets & Writers Global Registry as a
“world poet”. Selected works featured in
Shetland Life, the New Shetlander, The Pull Of The Moon or Bicycle
Dreams, NorthWords Now, suckingmud, Poetry Scotland
and on the web, in English and in French. &
Nat Hall

Am not afraid of outer space.
I trudge through ice whilst you’re dreaming behind curtains.
Let’s join our minds and bridge our worlds.

Was it morning or just twilight?
I retraced steps after high tides, crystallised us in last snowflakes;
walked to the edge of our garden, where each wave meets & melts our sun…

Mes pas, tes pas dans les nuages.

If I could slide like a spider across oceans,
I’d weave my way where you belong – find a corner inside your song,
hang all my dreams on meridians, watch your moonrise at earth level.

There, above black, twinning my heart with latitudes;
echoing sounds I sometimes hear in clement sky,
and feel your hands in arpeggios…

I ken du’s here,
I heard the wind calling your name.

Poet’s note:
“mes pas, tes pas dans les nuages…” = “your and my steps among our clouds”

© Nat Hall 2008
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