Dmitry Fesechko is 20 years old and lives in Moscow.  He has enjoyed drawing all of his life, but
began seriously about a year ago.  Starting with acrylics on canvas, he soon began working in
oils.  In the beginning of 2008 he had his first solo exhibit. His paintings are held in private
collections in Russia, Latvia and Ukraine. Some of his paintings (including “Departed by the
Road to Heaven”) were purchased by Novosibirskiy Musey Mirovoy Pogrebalnoy culturi
(Novosibirsk Museum of  the World Funeral Culture).  His paintings contain strong elements of
philosophy, and he enjoys hearing opinions from different people about their meanings to
compare with his own.  He believes that creation process is finished only once the work has
been viewed and its meaning contemplated—and that art which will never seen by somebody
except the artist is unfinished.
Dmitry Fesechko
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Beholder of the Night
Departed by the Road to
God Phone
Kasmir Gates
The Last Sign of the Past
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