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New Directions in Art & Literature
Volume One - Issue Three - August 2008
Letter from the Editor - August 2008

Short Stories

She Sends Her Regards - by Louise McGinnis

Metal - by M.E. Carter

Reasonable People - by David Kiefaber

Polaroids - by Chris McCreary

Rats is Noble Beasts - by James Shackell

Eleven Seconds With The Velveteen Boy * -
                        by Sandra Maddux-Creech

The Burnside Winked - by Loretta Sylvestre

A Legend Without a Map - by Christopher Tradowsky

Funny Papers

America's Next Top Doggie - by Johnette Napolitano


How God Made Me a Hunter - by Laura Carney

E(motional)state Sale - by Matthew Tod

Musical Guests

Lyrics - by Vanilla Swingers

Lyrics - by Phil Cooper/The Haiku
*indicates adult content
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