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New Directions in Art & Literature
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The Battered Suitcase
Volume One - Issue Four - September 2008
Letter from the Editor - September 2008

Short Shorts

Breaking in Mid-Flight - by Townsend Walker

Short Stories

Fissure - by Laury A. Egan

Revisions - by Tom Underhill

The Dead Air - by Brandon K. Brock

The Forty Seventh Ronin - by Ash Hibbert

Reciprocity - by Aaron Polson


Short Story Outline - by John Carroll

Musical Guests

Lyrics - by Paul Jarvis of Slab!

Jennifer Viets

Darryl Salach

Jason Jones

Marc Alan Di Martino

Nick Masesso

Kristine Ong Muslim

Josh Seigal


Roger Hutchison

Bruce New