A naked girl drinking ginger ale

teach me something important, mister!
bare your soul, say something worth a damn
turn your eyes away from my breasts for a minute,
they will only be your demise like the rest.
my tits are my money maker, that's all.
it's an illusion in here, a pipe dream
and dreams don't come true on this side of the tracks,
only misery and a bad habit do, know what I mean, mister?
the world tends to look away when they look at girls like me,
they don't see any beauty, they feel shame and a broken heart,
they see a pretty girl who made a mistake, the story of my life.

it's too bad I cry alone at night,
it's too bad my man beats me and takes my money
leaving me and his child alone and hungry,
it's too bad there is a demon that roams the streets of every city
so ugly that it crushes only the innocent in it's wake.
mister, don't look at me with those cynical eyes
I don't need your pity,
my life is not pretty or cute, there are no flowers on my coffee table,
no swag on the walls.
I know people who have it worse though, they got bigger problems
than I'll ever have but I just don't see a future, a way out of this endless game.
it hurts when I look at my kid and I tell him daddy's busy working when in
fact he's smoking crack in a rooming house not 3 blocks away.
I bet you're a stockbroker, a doctor or lawyer, married with a couple kids,
a cat, a dog, a big screen tv, a big house in the hills, a sexy wife, is she sexy, mister?

I'm sorry to lay all of this on you but I just needed to cough it up, fuck it in a way
and put it to sleep at least for tonight but it always comes back to haunt me.
I could sure use a smoke right now, mister (she smiles)
but they don't let us smoke in this joint no more since the 'no smoking bylaw'
got passed and it's too damn cold to go outside and smoke dressed like this (laughter)
and what's with global warming anyway, all this snow we've been having
I thought the ice caps were melting or something, guess the polar bears are happy.
hey, what are you looking at mister? my tits again?
alright, why don't we go upstairs and I'll dance on your lap and show you what I got
and if you're a good boy, I'll let you play with my tits a little but don’t let the bouncer see you do it,
I need this job mister, they don't like it here when the customers touch the girls
does that make me a bad girl, mister? (she winks)
just let me finish my ginger ale first.
Darryl Salach
Darryl Salach lives in Canada and has been writing poetry for many years.  He's recently self-published a book of poetry
through lulu press called "
Stepping Out of Line".  He's had a number of poems published in various literary mags and
online zines such as
Unquiet Desperation, The Starfish Journal, Gloom Cupboard, SkitzoLit.com, LitUpMagazine.com, Neonbeam
and the upcoming issues of Rattlesnake Review, Target Audience Magazine and Heroin Love Songs.  "Stepping Out
of Line" can be purchased through
Amazon or Barnes and Noble.
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