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Marc Alan Di Martino
Marc Alan Di Martino is a poet, writer & translator based in Rome, Italy. His work can be read in Pivot, BigCityLit,
The New Formalist, Best Poem
and in the American. He is looking for a publisher for a book length poem inspired by
a midtown Manhattan falafel maven and Lord Byron.

The promise of beaches in mid-winter
Fills the air with their cries.

Summer cannot be far off.


A solitude of hours
Was allotted us
At the creation of the world--
A few choice fruits
On which to stain our lips
And the smallest leaf
From the Tree of Life.


In winter the toilet paper is dry as leaves.
My tongue sticks to the palate of my mouth.
I am young and strong, but my vision of the world
Suffers from a lack of high definition.
Like a new television set, I wait in my box
Counting the hours of darkness until dawn
Wagging my tail like a newborn puppy.
Some things, take note, are beyond our understanding.
My father's handwriting. My mother's. Even mine.
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