My Brainchild

(apologies, Daniel Dennett)

This is my brainchild -
my mind's eye's phenotype.

It's a double-helix wending
its way from earth to sky;
it's an emergent foal
with a long way to fall.

It needs love and sustenance.
It will recognise the contours
of your face
and become attached,
forging human bonds
above the amoebic track.

Look after my brainchild,
for now it's yours and I
can never take it back.

Nothing is Mandatory

Nothing is mandatory:
a good maxim to keep in mind
when trying to live.

Nothing holds us down - no quicksand contracts
ready to haul us under; no pointed rifle
with us in its sights.
There's no moon now,
no gravity.
no scabbing from handcuffs on our arms;
no sting but the inflammation of liberty.

I've felt the legs pulled under, and a taut rope burn
across the chest. I've seen proud minds
cave inwards.

I've seen wide white eyes turn powder grey and seem to forget
   that nothing here is mandatory.
Josh Seigal
Joshua Seigal studies philosophy at University College London. He is interested in how we perceive the world, the nature
of the world we perceive, and the manner in which we interact with other people. His poetry is mainly focused around the
themes of memory and childhood, and he likes to remain firmly grounded in the minutiae of the everyday. He regularly
performs his work in and around London.  You can learn more about Josh at his
WriteOutLoud profile.
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