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Vagabondage Press, LLC
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New Directions in Art & Literature
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Volume One - Issue Six - November 2008
Letter from the Editor - November 2008

Short Shorts

I Love Ginny Sousa - by Pete Carter

Boy in a Red Sweater - by Aurora Lewis

Lullaby - by Cynthia Miller

Walk in Fire - by Michelle Reale

A Slow Moment - by Yvonne Zheng

Short Stories

Nervous Harold and the
Implausible Impala Incident -
           by Karl Koweski

One More Chance - by Paritosh Uttam

ICU - by Angie Pelekidis

The Things We Tell the Silence -
              by Stephanie Kraner

Break Aside - by Kristi Yorks

Cola Hard Cash - by Bronwyn Mauldin