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New Directions in Art & Literature
Volume One - Issue Six - November 2008
Letter from the Editor

As the nights grow longer, sometimes we're left wondering if those summer days could have been better spent.  In a last
ditch, desperate effort, we even change our clocks and fool ourselves into eking out a few more hours of precious

In November comes an accounting of the harvest - time to tally up the gains and losses of our efforts and a time to face
the mistakes of the past, before ushering in the new year.  All the things we should have done, the things we shouldn't
have said, the moments we never seized, the ones that lay abandoned, but still worrying, in the long grass of those
distant summers.  Every bad decision, every preventable accident, every injustice that can never be righted - we need to
face them, if only so we can let them go.

We need to forgive ourselves and we need to move on.

Because sometimes tragedy needs to be embraced until we can allow ourselves to celebrate again.  Sometimes we need
to accept our mistakes and our faults before we can build a brighter future.

This month's issue of The Battered Suitcase examines those moments of regret, those lingering memories of lost
opportunity, lost love and lost hope.  It is populated with stark, but not ungentle portraits of people facing uncertain
futures and unchangeable fates -- all of them teetering on that shaky ledge between hope and despair.  And only
can choose which way to fall.

Here's to a brighter future.

We have to go into the despair and go beyond it,
by working and doing for somebody else,
by using it for something else.   -- Elie Wiesel.

Here's to falling on the side of hope.

Fawn Neun
Executive Editor
The Battered Suitcase
The Battered Suitcase
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