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Vagabondage Press, LLC
New Directions in Art & Literature
The Battered Suitcase is the flagship publication of
Vagabondage Press and is an online literary
magazine that promotes intelligent and imaginative
art and fiction.

Aimed at new directions in the exploration of art and
literature, it is published online on the first calendar
day of the month.

This website is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0
or higher.  If you are using another browser, please
download the PDF version for optimal reading.

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Sarah Hilary
Leslie Haynsworth
Donald Dewey
Bryn Greenwood
Robert Hyers
Corey Mesler
Mark Burchard
Ben Torbush
Ben Nardolilli
Amy Strycula
Jeff Crouch & Diana Magallon
Michelle Misfit
Dianna Huxhold
Deb Perry
Patience Wieland
Quincy R. Lehr
Baobao Zhang
Jenn Blair
R.B. Morgan
Joshua Jennings
Jessica McWhirt
Gary Beck
Mohit Kishore
Joan McNerney
Peter Kahn
Helen R. Peterson
Shane Allison
Jeffrey Winke
Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Austen Roye
Don Pesavento
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The Battered Suitcase is a proud member of the
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses