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Vagabondage Press, LLC
New Directions in Art & Literature
The Battered Suitcase is the flagship publication of
Vagabondage Press and is an online literary
magazine that promotes intelligent and imaginative
art and fiction.

Aimed at new directions in the exploration of art and
literature, it is published online on the first calendar
day of the month.

This website is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6.0
or higher.  If you are not using Internet Explore, we
recommend that you download the PDF version for
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Stephen Busby
Eric Bennett
Rachel Chew Blakley
Myra King
Geoffrey Craig
Jennifer Houston
Alex Myers
Rachel Kuhnle
Mallory Path
Kenna Barrett
John Grochalski
John Lind Whitby
John Paul Thornton
PM Mooney
Ryan Cooper
Dasha Lilith Desir
D.C. Lynn
Aryan Kaganof
Joseph Reich
Rob Plath
Daniel Casebeer
Joseph Coelho
David E. Oprava
Claire Crowley
April Dressel
Diane Payne
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The Battered Suitcase is a proud member of the
Council of Literary Magazines and Presses