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Volume One - Issue Eleven - April 2009
Short Shorts

Two Nuns on the Subway by Steve Danzis

Performer's Lot by Liz Hall

The Temporary Now by Robert Aquino Dollesin

Short Stories

Wordless Light by Carter Meland

The Hobby by Amy Corbin

A Monday Afternoon With Trixie J. Donnelly
                         by G. K. Wuori

House Arrest by Jennifer Lynn Alessi

Fifty Foot Woman by Gary Moshimer

Back Alley by Whitney Porter

Downhill All the Way by Polly Tuckett

2212 by Stephen Paul Watson


Melissa Salzman

Lino Mocerino

Theodosius Ng

Clint Catalyst by Kim Acrylic


The Toilet Paper War by Stephanie Reese Masson


Clint Catalyst

Noor Brara

J.D. Di Lella

Melissa Hansen

Heather Cadenhead

John Grey

Suzanne Savickas

The Satire Guy

Jonathan Jay Taylor

James H Duncan

Brad Johnson
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