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Volume Two - Issue One - June 2009
Letter from the Editor - June 2009

Short Shorts

Look Me in the Eye - by Suzanne Nielsen

Sleep Deprivation Affects Problem Solving
    in the Post-Industrial Male - by Don Hucks

Down Sized - by Doug Mathewson

Short Stories

Killer Margaritas - by Leigh Byrne

My Second Gear Approach to Life -
                           by Anthony Kane Evans

Lessons - by Nick Chandler

Train Rides - by Daniel J. Vaccaro

Ugly Things - by Jennifer Swisher

The Rocking Chair - by Chris Miller

Rosarito Rendezvous - by Stephen D. Bennett

Someday - by Ethel Rohan


Marie Kazalia

Kymberlie Birkenkamp

Machel Spence

Luz Maria Lopez

Ellen Dreibelbis

Amanda Palmer - by Fawn Neun

Paul Diamond Blow - by Kim Acrylic


Glastonbury - by Ele-Beth Little

Candy Arm - by Jennifer Rhodes

The Good Times - by Abby Byrd


Heath Hardman

Mark Bonica

Naomi Woddis

Christian Ward

Jade Sylvan

Anne Brooke

Hugh Fox

Joanna Vogel
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