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Volume Two - Issue One - June 2009
Letter from the Editor

June 1, 2009

"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end. "  ~ Ursula K. Le Guin

June 1st marks the first day of the hurricane season here in sunny Florida, as well as the first anniversary of The Battered Suitcase--not
that I'm trying to imply anything by association.

Our first year has been a steep climb up the learning curve, but we've had fun and we've been honored to work with the writers, poets,
musicians and artists that have made up
The Battered Suitcase.  We're proud of our first year of issues, and delighted to hear that
several of our contributors have been contacted by agents and publishers after their appearance in The Suitcase. That's what we
wanted--to allow a safe space for the stories of the journey along life's road--to allow a space for new and unpublished writers and
artists to share their stories in their own voice.

This month's issue brings humor from Suzanne Nielsen, Don Hucks, Doug Mathewson, Leigh Byrne, Stephen Bennett and Jennifer
Swisher--after all, humor is the grease on the wheel of life. Nick Chandler explores coming of age, while Battered Suitcase alum Chris
Miller explores the end of life. Daniel Vaccaro takes us on the little trips in life, where we might possibly learn more about ourselves than
we can during our most epic journeys; Ethel Rohan shows us what we can learn when we are, at least for right now, going nowhere.

June artists include painter Marie Kazalia, up-and-coming photographer Kymberlie Birkenkamp, Aztec-inspired art by Luz-Maria Lopez,
and work from Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, Ellen Dreibelbis. We owe our beautiful cover to photographer and
zoologist, Machel Spence.

We were fortunate enough to speak with one of the music industry's most brilliant and intriguing lyricists; Amanda Palmer of The
Dresden Dolls took time to talk with us about her upcoming photo essay book collaboration with Neil Gaiman.  We also had a chance to
speak with Paul Diamond Blow, spoken-word enthusiast and ironic wit behind the glam/punk band The Space Cretins.

Jennifer Rhodes takes us into a young woman's conflict between becoming and behaving, while slice of life pieces from Ele-Beth Little
and Abby Byrd explore two very different festivals on two different continents; Glastonbury and Burning Man.  One can only conclude
that no matter where they're held, outdoor festivals are pretty much the same all over; dirty, chaotic and infinitely memorable moments
on the journey.

Poetry contributions include pieces from Heath Hardman, Mark Bonica, Naomi Woddis, Christian Ward, Anne Brooke and Hugh Fox.  
Poetry prose includes pieces from novelist Jade Sylvan and Emerson College student, Joanna Vogel.

At this first anniversary, I'd like to thank all the contributors, the readers and the other staff of
The Battered Suitcase for making this year
on my own journey through life so very much more worthwhile. I am, and always will be, profoundly grateful.

Thank you,

The slightly more battered
Fawn M. Neun
Chief Editor
The Battered Suitcase
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