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vagabondage press llc (c)2009
Volume Two - Issue Two - Autumn 2009
Letter from the Editor - Autumn 2009

In Memoriam - Jenn Alexandra Anderson

Short Shorts

The First Thing I Learned - by Heather Anastasiu

Shadows of Self - by C.R. Tarpey

Short Stories

Listening to CDs - by Patrick W. Gallagher

Princess Di - Alexis K. Morgan

Mishap - by J. David Bell

E = Calculus² - by Bonnie Yarry

Best Friend - by Michael Dennis McDermott

Green Rain - by Barbara Purbaugh

Francesca's Story - by D. E. Fredd

The House On Gray Street - by C. Rommial Butler

Vampire Resource File - by Moira Moody


Randy Thurman

Aunia Kahn

Jessica McKelvin

Jesus Garza Jones

Delbert Michel

Brad Kendall

Kieran Leonard - by Alice Bigelow

Steve "Crash" Parsons - by Kim Acrylic


Sing Your Life - by Libby Cudmore

My Scars and My Lovers - by M.A. Crabtree

None of the above - by Danielle Davis


Kieran Leonard


Suejin Suh

Isaac James Baker

Gertrude Ramey

Joan McNerney

Rebecca van Laer


Michael Chacko Daniels

Amye Archer

Molly Gaudry

Katarina Boudreaux

Andrea DeAngelis

Phoebe Wilcox

Jess C Scott

Magdalena Ball