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Jess C Scott
Jess C Scott is 22 and currently completing an erotic short story collection. She is fiddling around with early drafts of her next book. Her work has appeared
in a number of diverse publications, such as
Yareah, an English-Spanish literary and arts magazine, Mad Swirl, Word Riot, and AlienSkin Magazine. She is
also a contributing editor to
Bare Back Magazine, a monthly publication featuring erotic articles, fiction, and poetry.

i love your online games
playing hide-and-seek
with your everchanging screen names
like i'm some OCD freak

i count the days that you're away
discuss your storylines on MSN
i wish i could be there to say
"let's dance for now, put down your pen"

winter's here and i'll surely perish
the electric blanket's just stopped working
upon a trio of stars i wish
you could be here with some of your loving

then i find a poem you wrote
which warms me up & wraps me in
i email you a short quick note:
"keep those words flowing - please keep