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Michael Chacko Daniels
San Franciscan Michael Chacko Daniels (MSJ, Medill, Northwestern U.), a former community worker and clown, grew up in Bombay, India. His works have
appeared in
Apollo's Lyre, Cricket Online Review, Denver Syntax, dragonfire, Hackwriters, Indelible Kitchen, Quicksilver, and SHALLA Magazine. Books:
Split in Two (Poetry, 2004), Anything Out of Place Is Dirt (Novel, 2004), and That Damn Romantic Fool (Novel, 2005). Last year, his sister, Molly
Daniels-Ramanujan, encouraged him to write haiku and went on to provide feedback on all his poems in this issue.
Cold Stone

Autumn light falling
man watches geese fly away
stone seat grows colder

Big Sun Country

Where boys and girls run
cow's hollow flies  rise in clouds
earth shifts           big sun shines


Fall wind chases me
into your fragrant by-lane
guavas in summer


Midnight's summer moon
father-in-law's rose garden
two dogs bark                   one yelps

Raccoon Picnic

Ball of fur rises . . .
little bear   fat cat   Trickster?
crunch, crunch
Puffball Lion

Dandelion puffball
rolling over granddad's beard
       puffs away               windblown

Wood Song

Shaggy bodhisattva
modulates circular saw-
wheelchair wood ramp rises


Translated letter
cold light striking from the east
broken glass and heart

Trash Talk

Wisps of smoke . . .
steamy curb
sky holds true

Haiku for Spring 2009

Eight brass eyelets shine
dark brown calf leather furrows -
the wanderer smiles