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vagabondage press llc (c)2009
Volume Two - Issue Three - Winter 2009/2010

Artist Chris Mars ~ by Kim Acrylic


Now What About Socks? ~ Heather Van Deest

Proxy ~ Catherine Sharpe

The Welsh Chair ~ Ruth Russell

Going Jewish ~ Terry Barr

Know Your Rights ~ Ami Sletteland


Jesse Bradley

Ariel Brand

Adam Byrn Tritt

Micheal Lee Johnson

Wendy Jane Cohen

Ben Heins

Christina Murphy

Kate Bergen

Matt Dennison

Ayat Ghanem

Austen Roye


Sustainable Creativity ~ Jennifer Van Winkle

Paul Richard James

Gaëtan Henrioux

Lipstick Traces ~ Roger Woodiwiss

Photography ~ Oleksandr Hnatenko

Patrick Fatica

Chris Mars
Short Shorts

Downriver ~ Thomas Cannon

The Secret (he thinks) He Keeps ~ Karyn Eisler

How Do You Play? ~ Valerie O'Riordan

My Pal Garmin ~ Matt Mok

Looking for the Fatman ~ Brian George

Fatal Attraction ~ V.  Ulea

Un Incident Dans La Rue ~ Robert Wexelblatt

Last High's the Lowest ~ Randy Kohl

Short Stories

It's All Really Happening ~ David Mohrmann

Mind Game ~ Martin DiCarlantonio

The Magic Quarter ~ Anthony R. Pezzula

How I Learned that All the Houses in Survillion Circle
Should Be Painted Heliotrope ~ Elisabeth Hegman

My Life as Mrs. Murphy ~ Lora Hilty

Walking On Bird Feet ~ Susan Kay Miller

Around South Pass CIty ~ Roland Goity

Encounters on Facebook ~ Maggie Collins

The First and Last Time ~ Timothy Raymond

Truman Capote is a Volcano ~ Anthony Bromberg

Literary Friction ~ Andrew Madigan

Two Colours ~ Andrew Charman

Theatre Games ~ Mickey Ellinger

Doing Mr. Velvet ~ Gay Degani

Empowerment Centers ~ Jay Baruch

A Little Thanksgiving Brandy ~ Milan Smith

The House of Fallen Dreams ~ Craig D. Patton