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Vagabondage Press was established in Spring 2008 in order to publish fiction and non-fiction that
examines life in all its lovely ambiguity, grittiness, glory and despair.  

In June 2008, we launched
The Battered Suitcase, a literary and art journal. In January 2013, we
introduced two imprints:
Battered Suitcase Press for literary and mainstream fiction and
Vagabondage Romance
for romance and erotica. In September 2013, we launched the Dark Alley
Press imprint for horror, paranormal, Gothic, steampunk, and dark fiction.

We look for unique characters, anti-heroines, new ways of looking at universal concepts and old
ways of looking at the new and frightening. We are interested in publishing writing that examines
what makes us human -- the details that turn a day into a memory, a person into someone
unforgettable, and moments that veer between the ordinary and the fantastic.  

We're particularly interested in the question of what it means to be human, the exploration of
relationships as a means for transformation and the complexity of the human psyche. Rich
characterization, vulnerability, shifts in consciousness, alternate reality, music, wit, restlessness,
sensuality and the exploration of personality are what we gravitate toward.  

We hold the unique and simple belief that good writing transcends genre. We dislike the tendency in
mainstream publishing to categorize and pigeonhole authors and their work into literary ghettos.
Vagabondage Press has a commitment to providing an alternative.

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