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Junkie Love
Joe Clifford
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From the cow fields of Connecticut to the streets of San Francisco, Joe Clifford’s
Junkie Love traverses the lost highways of America, down the rocky roads of mental
illness to the dead ends of addiction. Based on Clifford’s own harrowing experience
with drugs as a rock ’n’ roll wannabe in the 1990s, the book draws on the best of
Kerouac & the Beats, injecting a heavy dose of pulp fiction as it threads a rollicking
narrative through a doomed love triangle, lit up by the many strange characters he
meets along the way. Part road story, part resurrection tale, Junkie Love finds a way
to laugh in one’s darkest hour, while never abandoning its heart in search of a home.

Genre: Fiction / Biographical
Rating: 16+
Imprint: Battered Suitcase Press
Format: US Trade Paperback/Digital
ISBN-13:  978-0615782959
Length: 216 pages
Published: April 2013
About Joe Clifford
Praise for Junkie Love

"Joe Clifford’s Junkie Love portrays high-heeled heroin amour, beautiful and vicious, full of front seat hot sex and brutal cop
raids, secret rehab gropes and smack-fueled crime sprees. In prose that speeds like a stolen car, Clifford does for opiated
romance what Michael Herr did for war and F.X. Toole for prize fights: brings mind-blowing news from hells beyond
imagining." - Alan Kaufman, author of Jew Boy and The Outlaw Bible of American Literature

"No one writes this good the first time out, do they? Joe Clifford’s Junkie Love is a literary achievement of the first order.
Junkie Love is both harrowing and haunting, hypnotic and hilarious. Clifford can flat-out tell a story. He’s savvy, insightful,
and fearless. Trust me, here’s a world that’s more vivid, unnerving, and compelling than the one you’re living in, written with
the exhilaration and abandon of an improbable survivor." - John Dufresne, author of Requiem, Mass (a People magazine’s
Book Pick of the Week)

"Joe Clifford casts a cold, clear eye on the brutal landscape of addiction and those who populate it. This is a tough,
authoritative work, crackling with tension, oozing dread." - Les Standiford, author of Last Train to Paradise
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