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Somethin' Else
E.S. Parkinson
Set on the cusp of the ’60s, when everything seemed
grey and staying put felt as scary as getting out, this is
Jim’s story — a working-class lad grimly determined to
get to university, but dreaming of nights on the town and
the promise of rock and roll. Jim feels trapped in the
post-war housing development, the routine of work and
school, and with the girlfriend he can’t quite manage to
fall in love with.

Until he meets Edward — full of passion and possibility —
and in an instant, Jim’s world is turned upside down and
nothing is the same. Edward doesn’t seem to notice
rules or barriers and helps Jim to see the world through
fresh eyes. Jim and Edward long for escape, but in the
end, escape means different things to each of them and
brings with it as many questions as solutions.

Release Date:  March 28, 2012
Genre:  Coming of Age / LGBT
Format:  Digital / Print
Rating:  14+
ISBNs:  9780615572413/9781452405964
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