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Sun Dogs
Anthony Labriola
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These poems fly from Earth to Jupiter and back, but one can feel the sweat
on the skin for the whole trip. Lenses, including those of our eyes, let the sky-
watcher chart the trip of the time-traveler from beginning to end. We are all
star-children, born into the universe, where we must wander from place to
place and time to time in search of our own bliss.

The trip also takes us to “inner space.” In three parts, Sun Dogs, as a
themed collection, attempts to capture moments of wonder, loss and healing:
1. Planetarium, 2. Jealous Planet, and 3. Cosmic Therapies. The poems speak
of the human journey – the odyssey of experience in a galaxy filled with
legends and natural phenomena. Yet, the collection promises “cosmic
therapy” – a time for something great.

Genre: Poetry
Imprint: Battered Suitcase Press
Rating: 13+
Formats: US Trade Paperback / Digital
ISBN-13: 978-0692218082
Length: 106 pages / 11k
Published: May 2014
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