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A.J. O'Connell
Beware the Hawk;   The Eagle and The Arrow
Alex Miller
Osama bin Laden is Dead
Alex Woolf
Every Other Day But This
Andrew Peters
Werecat: The Rearing; Werecat: The Glaring (Feb. 2014)
Annalisa Crawford
Cat and the Dreamer
Barry Spacks
The He and She of It
Ben Heins
Greatest Hits & B-Sides
Brian d'Eon
Eta Carinae
Cameron Vale
The Tradesman's Entrance;   The Zebra Striped Shirt
Caroline Misner
The Watchmaker
Charlotte Rains Dixon
Emma Jean's Bad Behavior
Christopher McKittrick
CS DeWildt
Candy & Cigarettes
Daniel DiStasio
Facing the Furies
David Henry Sterry
Mort Morte
Erin Ward
E.S. Parkinson
Somethin' Else
Geoff Hyatt
Birch Hills at World's End
G.K. Wuori
Now That I'm Ready to Tell  You Everything
J.S. Watts
A Darker Moon
Jack R. Johnson
An Animal's Guide to Earthly Salvation
James Vachowski
Outspoken;   Home of the Can Man's Daughter
Jason Rolfe
Synthetic Saints
Joe Clifford
Junkie Love
Jon Hartless
Jack the Theorist;  The Vampire Project
Karen Metcalf
In the Storm
Kevin Doyle
One Helluva Gig
King Starr
The Hobbyist
Kristi Petersen Schoonover
Bad Apple
Laury Egan
Jenny Kidd
Maggie Clark
Marianne Villanueva
Mark J. Mitchell
The Knight Prisoner
Natalie Bell
Don't Ask
Nicholas J. Carter
Jam Don't Shake
Nyssa Anne Madison
Mortal Seduction
Robert Wexelblatt
Roland Goity
Experienced ~ Rock Music Tales of Fact and Fiction
Sarah-Jane Lehoux
My Sanctuary
Solstice Stevens
Phenomenal Liar
Tamela J. Ritter
From These Ashes
Tim Dankanich
Old Hag Syndrome
Dark Alley