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Vagabondage Press, LLC
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Vagabondage Press
PO Box 3563
Apollo Beach, Florida
Skype: Vagabondage.Press
About Us
Vagabondage Press is interested in publishing fiction and non-fiction of any genre that examines life
in all its lovely ambiguity, grittiness, glory and despair. We're looking for unique characters,
anti-heroines, new ways of looking at universal concepts and old ways of looking at the new and

We hold the unique and simple belief that good writing transcends genre. We dislike the tendency
in mainstream publishing to categorize and pigeonhole authors and their work into literary ghettos.
Vagabondage Press has a commitment to providing an alternative.

We are interested in writing that examines what makes us human -- the details that turn a day into a
memory, a person into someone unforgettable, and moments that veer between the ordinary and
the fantastic.

We're particularly interested in the question of what it means to be human, the exploration of
relationships as a means for transformation and the complexity of the human psyche. Rich
characterization, vulnerability, shifts in consciousness, alternate reality, music, wit, restlessness,
sensuality and the exploration of personality are what we gravitate towards.  

This doesn't mean you can't send us your humorous short story or your poem about cheese. We
have open mind, a sense of humor and a keen desire to read anything new, anything good.

We will be as excited as you, if we decide to feature your submission.