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Submission Guidelines for The Battered Suitcase

We accept English-language submissions for publication in our magazine, which is currently published quarterly. The Battered
Suitcase only accepts submissions from April 1st through October 31st by email.  Please do not send us hard copy submissions or
submissions outside of our reading period.

What We're Looking For:

We welcome all work that explores the human experience of any genre: literary, experimental, mainstream, speculative,
paranormal, poetry, narrative non-fiction, and humor.  We don't wish to hang labels on good writing. We hope to provide a safe
space for writers who've gone underappreciated because the industry has led them to believe that they don't fit a particular
format.  We hold no editorial bias in regards to stories for or about individuals of any race, creed, gender, sexual orientation, or
planet of origin.

We do not publish deconstructions, criticisms, book reviews or scholarly papers, but we welcome interviews, musical lyrics and
commentary. We're particularly fond of humor pieces as well.

By submitting your work, you guarantee that it is your own original work, you  hold the copyright, that it does not infringe on
existing copyright material, is not libelous and has not be previously published in any form.  Publication in electronic form to
personal blogs or journals is acceptable, however, please let us know when you send us your work.
Fiction:   Please submit manuscripts of any genre up to 8,000 words for consideration. For works of more than 3,000 words, please provide a pitch line or
summary in your cover letter.  For manuscripts longer than 8,000 words, please send a query and brief synopsis and word count for further consideration.

Poetry:  Any form, although we prefer looser, more contemporary poetry.  Haiku is a particular favorite with the chief editor.  Visual poetry incorporating words
and images is also welcome.

Non-Fiction:  Narrative non-fiction, commentary, slice of life, memoirs, revolutionary manifestos and particularly humor pieces are always most welcome.

Artwork:  The Battered Suitcase is interested in receiving high quality visual art submissions for inclusion.  Please submit a sample your work in .jpg. Upon
acceptance, we will require high resolution images ready for print, 300dpi, 8x10 print size. If you would like to submit photos of your three dimensional pieces
(sculpture, installations, etc.), please do so. All artwork featuring individuals should have an associated signed release.  

How We'd Like To See It:

Please check your work for obvious spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors, or have it proofred by a literate friend or associate.  Intentional
misspelling and colloquialisms are a given and we like to think we're clever enough to deal with them.

Formatting: Properly formatted manuscripts work in your favor towards acceptance.  A good guideline for proper manuscript format can be found online here: (although other standard fonts/sizes are fine). At a minimum, please do not forget to put your name (or pen name),
contact information and word count on the first page of your submitted manuscript. Your attachment is removed from your email for review, so this information is
vital for us to consider your work for publication.

To Submit Work: Use the submission form (CLICK HERE) to send work. We do not accept emailed or snail mailed queries or manuscripts. On the first page of
your manuscript, add your cover letter including a pitch statement about your piece (if over 3,000 words) the word count, the genre and some information about
yourself. Please list any prior publication credits, but don't be intimidated if you have none. We welcome unpublished authors.

If submitting artwork, please include a brief statement about yourself and the work you're submitting..

We welcome simultaneous submissions, but please withdrawal your piece by signing into the submissions manager and removing it from the queue as soon as

The Battered Suitcase responds to submissions in as timely a manner as possible.  Please allow up to 60 days for consideration. If you haven't heard back from
us within 60 days, please email us to query with the title of your work in the subject line.

What We Don't Want:

We cannot publish fan-fiction, fan-art or translations of foreign language works by other authors.  Feel free to translate your own, original foreign language work
for submission if it has not been published before in English.

The Battered Suitcase accepts erotica - but cannot publish hardcore or pornography.  You can send it and we'll probably read it, and we'll forward it to each other
with the all the really good bits underlined, but we may not be able to publish it.  Erotic elements as part of character development or plot are perfectly fine -
you'll find us exceedingly open-minded, so don't be afraid to submit your work.  Fine writing is always appreciated and we may be able to incorporate it under
our erotic anthologies.

If you have previously appeared in The Battered Suitcase, please wait at least 6 months after publication before submitting other work for consideration.  This
may be waived for special, seasonal issues.

What's In It For You:

We don't sell advertising and the small markup on print and eReader copies don't quite cover our administrative and hosting fees. Sadly, we cannot pay for
publication in
The Battered Suitcase or provide free contributor copies in print. Contributors will receive a coupon code for free digital downloads of their issue
from Smashwords and can purchase our print versions at wholesale cost. We will provide a weblink to sites where your work is being sold and promoted,
including our own Amazon Bookstore, and our site is regularly indexed by major search engines to give you and your work broad exposure.

Upon acceptance,
The Battered Suitcase assumes first publication rights only and the right to include your work in our archives. We ask for non-exclusive digital
and print rights for the life of the copyright  in order to keep your work in circulation for as long as feasible. Copyright on all accepted material remains with the
author. Please let us know if your work has been already been seen in a personal online page, blog or journal.  We understand that writers, especially new
writers, often post their work for feedback.  We encourage this practice, but we need to be made aware of the location.
After reading our guidelines below click HERE to submit your work.